Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling in Westminster, CO

Dry needling is a beneficial treatment for muscle tension, back spasms and stiffness. These are symptoms that plague millions of people worldwide. Whether you are dealing with direct trauma or have been diagnosed with arthritis or a herniated disc, trigger point dry needling can target these very issues that are affecting your everyday life. Dry needling is a manual therapeutic technique in which a series of very thin needles are inserted into certain muscles that are causing pain, spasming and other discomfort. The areas we target often contain trigger points which are hypersensitive spots within a band of muscle that are responsible for your symptoms. Inserting these needles into specific regions creates a twitch response or involuntary muscle contraction that offers both immediate and long-term relief. These needles can even target deeper muscle areas to provide effective pain relief. What makes our trigger point dry needling different from other needling techniques is that we offer high grade acupuncture needles that are more comfortable for the patient and easier to insert into deeper regions of tissue with minimal discomfort.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry needling can treat both chronic and acute pain as well as aid in rehabilitation after an injury. One of the major advantages of this therapy is that it produces very little to no side effects, which makes it an ideal option for someone who is working to improve mobility, range of motion and function through therapy. During your first session we will begin slowly until you begin to feel comfortable with this new technique targeting only a few of the muscles that are key to your pain problems. Other dry needling sessions are recommended for focusing on more specific muscle regions.

Patients may experience some temporary soreness after each trigger point dry needling session but because of the high-tech needles we use you shouldn not experience as much soreness as you would with more traditional needling methods. This soreness is only minor (going away after one to two days), so it should not affect your day-to-day activities. Your symptoms will usually begin to subside after one to two sessions.

If you are ready to combat chronic pain and improve muscle function then it’s time to give trigger point dry needling a try.

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