Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement in Westminister, CO

Has your doctor recommended that you have total joint replacement surgery to fix an arthritic or damaged joint? While total joint replacements are an invasive surgical procedure, they are an excellent way to reduce pain and restore function and mobility in joints that are painful, damaged or are no longer working properly, especially when other treatment methods have failed in the past.

Once your total joint replacement is finished, however, your new joint will not be fully functional right away. Instead, you will need to visit a physical therapist such as the knowledgeable and experienced therapists at Independent Physical Therapy.

Why is Physical Therapy Necessary?

It isn't enough to simply replace your old joint with a new one. You will also need to learn how to move and function with your new joint during normal activities. Visiting a physical therapist is the best way to learn how to move your new joint to minimize your healing time, maximize your results and gradually return to all of your everyday activities without hurting yourself in the process.

How Will My Physical Therapist Help?

Your physical therapist will help you through your recovery by guiding you through a series of activities and exercises that will help you recover and restore function safely and gradually. Your physical therapist will help you complete exercises and will also teach you exercises you can do at home to improve your results.

Because getting around will be difficult at first, your physical therapist will help you learn how to manage your daily life while you are healing. You will change how you move by learning several tricks and tips to make the healing process easier. By regularly meeting with your physical therapist, you will reduce your healing time, make your healing process go more smoothly, and return to your normal everyday activities before you know it.

Do not have a total joint replacement surgery without a recovery plan in place. Not only will you slow or even halt your recovery, but you could even put yourself at risk for needing additional surgery. Before you have surgery, make a call to Independent Physical Therapy. We will help you both before and after the procedure to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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